The powerhouse behind MikeToken (KYCed)

A team of four visionary co-founders, with unique expertise and extensive experience, together, we combine our diverse backgrounds to drive innovation, shape the future of meme tokens and Crypto.

Edwin Edwin, CEO and Co-founder of Mike Token, is a recognized leader in the business world with a deep passion for pioneering innovations. He tirelessly propels the team to develop ground-breaking DeFi, Gaming, and Metaverse solutions, consistently challenging the status quo. Through his steadfast commitment to excellence and contagious enthusiasm, Edwin is leading Mike Token towards unprecedented success in the rapidly evolving world of memecoins and blockchain technologies. Xilantrovo Xilantrovo, Co-founder and Marketing Manager of Mike Token, brings vast experience and marketing acumen to the team. With his strategic focus and dedication to transparency, he is instrumental in advocating for the Mike Token brand and cultivating a robust and engaged community. Through innovative marketing campaigns and fostering meaningful relationships, Xilantrovo is steering Mike Token towards significant growth and success within the cryptocurrency industry. Linkedin: Walter Walter, Co-founder and CTO of Mike Token, offers extensive experience and technical expertise in blockchain technology. With his exceptional attention to detail and problem-solving abilities, Walter oversees the technical development and implementation of the Mike Token platform, propelling the project forward as a vanguard in the memecoin sector. Linkedin: David David, Co-founder and Head of Community at Mike Token, brings a rich background in community building to the team. His strategic vision and commitment to the community are crucial in promoting the Mike Token project and fostering a vibrant and engaged user base project. Through his dedication and efforts, David is driving the growth and success of Mike Token in the cryptocurrency community. Linkedin:

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