Here are some common questions and suggested answers regarding our NFTs:

  1. What are Generation Prime and Monsters Syndicate NFTs? Answer: Generation Prime and Monsters Syndicate are unique types of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) available on the Mike Token Platform. They serve as access gateways to Mike Token's USDT reward pools, enabling holders to earn high annual yields.

  2. How many Generation Prime and Monsters Syndicate NFTs are available? Answer: There are 365 unique copies available for both Generation Prime and Monsters Syndicate NFTs.

  3. What's the difference between Generation Prime and Monsters Syndicate NFTs? Answer: While both types of NFTs provide access to USDT rewarding pools on Mike Token, they differ in terms of deposit limits, purchase prices, and potential yields. Generation Prime NFTs also come with additional privileges, including tax exemptions, bonus $MKT Tokens on purchases, and more.

  4. How much can I earn from these NFTs? Answer: Generation Prime NFTs offer an additional yield of 365% APR while Monsters Syndicate NFTs provide an additional 200% APR. Also, these NFTs offer additional yield generation opportunities depending on the amount deposited and the privileges associated with each NFT.

  5. Can I sell my NFT? Answer: Yes, our NFTs are tradable. As the owner, you can sell or transfer your NFT based on your preferences or financial needs.

  6. What are the additional privileges of Generation Prime NFTs? Answer: Generation Prime NFT holders enjoy various privileges, such as tax exemption on deposits to CoinAI Pools, bonus $MKT Tokens on purchases, increased deposit allowances, Governance Vote Power, and exclusive access to private social channels.

  7. How do I purchase these NFTs? Answer: You can purchase our NFTs directly through the Mike Token platform. Please follow our step-by-step guide for a seamless purchasing experience.

  8. What is the purpose of NFTs in the Mike Token ecosystem? Answer: Our NFTs serve three main purposes. They act as an access gateway to the Mike Token USDT rewarding pools, offer a passive income potential with annual yields, and represent participation in the Mike Token decentralized financial ecosystem.

  9. How can I track my earnings from these NFTs? Answer: As an NFT holder, you can track your earnings and overall progress directly through your dashboard on the Mike Token platform.

  10. **What are the payment methods accepted for buying NFTs? Answer: We accept USDT for purchasing NFTs on our platform. Detailed information regarding payment methods will be provided during the purchase process or available in the platform's guidelines.

  11. Can I buy more than one NFT? Answer: Yes, a user can buy multiple NFTs as long as they are available. However, each NFT comes with its own set of rules and deposit limits.

  12. Are these NFTs available for international investors? Answer: Yes, our NFTs are available for purchase by investors globally. Please consider the legal regulations on cryptocurrencies in your specific location.

  13. Will there be more types of NFTs in the future? Answer: As Mike Token continues to evolve, we are always looking to expand and augment our offerings. We recommend staying updated with our announcements for any upcoming NFT types.

  14. What happens if I lose access to my account which is holding the NFT? Answer: If you lose access to your account, we have no control over it as all is decentralized. Please make sure your account is following the utmost security protocols.

  15. Are there any risks involved in buying NFTs? Answer: Like any investment, purchasing NFTs comes with financial risk. However, we have implemented robust security measures

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